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UK government split over Euratom

The Conservative party is split over whether the UK should remain in Euratom, the group managing the movement of nuclear material across Europe. The division threatens the UK government’s brexit strategy to leave Euratom at the same time as the EU. Nine Conservative MPs have indicated they would line up with Labour and the Liberal Democrats to vote against leaving the treaty, making it difficult for Prime Minister May to secure a parliamentary majority. Side effects of leaving Euratom without a proper plan in place could include nuclear plants forced to shutdown and cancer patients put at risk. Senior...

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EU fines Google record €2.42 billion

The European Commission has fined Google a record €2.42 billion for abusing its market dominance in Europe. It was found to have manipulated search results to give its comparison shopping service, Google Shopping, an illegal advantage. Google gave prominent placement in search results to Google Shopping alone and pushed rival services down the page. ‘This,” the EU ruling says, “stifled competition on the merits in comparison shopping markets.” The Commission found evidence of sudden drops of traffic to certain rival services of 85% in the United Kingdom, up to 92% in Germany and 80% in France. EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in...

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Merkel: We must fight for our future as Europeans

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Europeans must fight for their destiny in the face of weakening ties with traditional allies such the USA and the UK. Merkel reached this conclusion after the recent G7 summit, in which Trump refused to back the Paris Climate Agreement. Her remarks, made during a speech in a Munich beerhall, have widely been seen as a sign Germany is ready to push for further European integration and cooperation in the face of Trump’s election, the #brexit referendum and ongoing challenges with Russia. Here is the key quote from her Munich speech: “The times when we...

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Macron pledges to defend Europe in victory speech

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged in his victory speech to defend Europe “the common destiny the peoples of our continent have given themselves” and to “rebuild the link between Europe and the people it is made up of, between Europe and citizens.” Macron’s strong stance on Europe was visible throughout his entire election campaign. Crowds attending his rallies waved EU flags while he spoke about his support for Europe. With Ode To Joy, the European anthem, as his opening music, Macron’s victory speech was no exception. You can watch it below, or read the full transcript at the bottom...

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EU leaders present united front on #brexit

The EU has defied leading leave campaigners’ expectations of disunity today by quickly and unanimously agreeing the guidelines for the upcoming #brexit negotiations. Leaders burst into applause after it took a mere 4 minutes for them to reach agreement, at a special summit in Brussels of all 27 EU leaders minus the UK. Donald Tusk, President of the European Council highlighted that no negotiations on the future relationship with the UK will take place until sufficient progress on citizens rights, finances and the border issue in Ireland is reached. ‘Sufficient progress’ is to be defined by unanimous decision from all 27 leaders....

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