UKtoStay.EU is run by group of ordinary citizens who believe the press and politicians are failing to inform the public on what the EU is and how it benefits the UK. We believe in a strong UK in a strong EU, but present the facts so others can make up their own mind.

What is UKtoStay.EU?
We created this site to help people #GetTheFacts.  We are a small team of volunteers working tirelessly to research and publish accurate and informative articles and graphics, with clear sources. We seek to explain how the EU works and what it does in a clear and simple manner. Our graphics and articles reached half a million people in the final week of the UK’s EU referendum campaign, all without any funding. Since then, our audience has quadrupled in size.

Originally we intended to shut down after the referendum, but overwhelming support from our fans on social media and a frankly worrying amount of misinformation from politicians and the press convinced us to relaunch this site in April 2017. We are now expanding our focus to cover the ongoing fallout from #brexit and some discussion of European affairs. If you’d like to help us in this, please email

Which political party do you support? is a pan-political initiative. We do not endorse any one party, but instead provide factual information to our subscribers on how the EU works and on the UK’s evolving relationship with Europe.

For the upcoming UK general election, we are providing information on UK candidates who support the concept of a strong UK in a strong EU, and we trust voters to make the best judgement with that information.

Our team and contributors heralds from a variety of political backgrounds and allegiances, and we think this makes us stronger.

We do not all agree on whether there should be socialist Europe, or a conservative Europe, or a green Europe, etc., but we do all have in common the desire for there to exist a contestable common political space, in which UK citizens, as citizens of Europe, may participate and find common cause with their neighbours to decide their future.

Why are you called UKtoStay.EU if you believe in the facts? How is that objective?
There is no such thing as a truly objective news source. We believe in being honest and up front with our audience by ensuring they know where we ourselves stand on this issue. We further believe the facts speak for themselves in showing the UK should stay in the EU.

To help people make up their own minds we present the facts as honestly as we can.

Part of being honest is sharing where we get our information – therefore, we always include sources within every article so people can see where we get our information from and do further research if they wish. We also work with a number of EU experts, academics and professors to help us verify everything we publish.

Why are you still campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU? Wasn’t there a referendum?
The facts don’t change. Neither has our analysis that leaving the EU would be a disaster for the UK – an analysis the overwhelming majority of experts and academics share. Democracy doesn’t stop with one vote either. We believe this issue is so important that it’s essential to keep making the fact-based case for the UK to stay in the EU, up to and even beyond a #brexit. At the very least, we will help to keep people informed.


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