MAY MUST GO or she will force her brexit through Parliament by winding down the clock. The Prime Minister will use a lack of time to remove all options from the table. If we tick onwards to a final vote in January, MPs will not vote against May at such a late stage and trigger the chaos of no deal.

The UK Parliament could not revoke or extend Article 50 by late January, as there would not be enough time to get a new government in place to do so. We would effectively be locked in May’s brexit car. No time for a general election. No time for a People’s Vote. No time for democracy. A meaningless vote.

As of today, there are 107 days until brexit. MPs get two and a half weeks off for Christmas. A Conservative leadership contest could take more than 50 days to play out. The last ‘snap’ general election took over a month. A referendum could take months to legislate for. The clock is ticking. ⏰

Either May must now trigger a People’s Vote, or immediately resign. She cannot muster support for her key policy. She must not be allowed to do so by holding a gun to the country’s head.