Voters only have until midnight on Monday to register to vote. It takes just three minutes. 

If you want to vote in the upcoming UK election you must register to vote by midnight Monday 22 May. Register to vote here or find out more below.

Register in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

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Who can vote?

  • Anyone 18 or over at the time of the election on 18 June.
  • British citizens living in the UK.
  • A citizen of the Republic of Ireland living in the UK.
  • Are you a Commonwealth citizen? See if you are eligible to vote here.
  • Are you a UK citizen living abroad? See if you are able to apply as an overseas voter here.

Are you sure you’re on the electoral register?

Many people don’t realise the voting registration system has changed since the last general election so if you previously registered it’s important you contact your local electoral registration office to be sure you’re still registered. And if you changed address or name since last registering you will need to register again.

Are you a student?

You may be eligible to register to vote in more than one place. Check here for more information and make sure you are in the right location to vote on 18 June. If you will be away you can still register for a proxy or postal vote (see below).

Voting by post

Consider registering for a postal vote: it’s more convenient! Ensure you are registered to vote, then apply for a postal vote here. You have until 5pm Tuesday 23 May to apply for a postal vote, otherwise you must vote in person in the area you have registered to vote in.

Voting by post allows you to send your vote in early (handy if you’ll be away on election day), though you can still vote in person on the day if you change your mind (or forget to post it in time!).
Note: the deadline to apply for a postal vote has already passed in Northern Ireland.

Voting by proxy

All the information you need is here. The deadline in England, Scotland and Wales is May 31. Choose someone trustworthy!
Note: the deadline to apply for a proxy vote has already passed in Northern Ireland.

What to do if you’ve lost your national insurance number

You will need your national insurance number to register to vote. You can find this on your pay slip, or on official letters about benefits or tax credits. If you’ve lost it, go to:

It takes just three minutes to register to vote

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